March against austerity in Bristol

On 13th May 2015, thousands marched against austerity in Bristol.

Several thousand anti-austerity protesters took to the streets of Bristol in response to the general election result. The protesters called for an end to government cuts and voiced their disdain for the Conservatives. The march was hastily organised after the Conservatives achieved a majority in the election just two days earlier. However, there was a large turn-out by Bristol’s usual standards for demonstrations.

Starting at the fountains, the march followed a route to the top of Park Street, passing the city’s council offices. After returning to the centre, the protest made its way to Castle Park, where a rally was held. Protesters sat in the evening sunshine listening to speakers on the bandstand.

Police numbers were minimal and there were no arrests. This was one of a number of similar anti-Tory protests that were held around the country in the days following the election.