Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Spectator Safety

These pages are designed to give you some extra information to help with your Spectator Safety NVQ. 

If you have any further questions please email me:     robnvq@gmail.com

Evidence & Assessment

There are several parts to achieving your qualification:

  • Classroom training – gives you the underpinning knowledge required by the qualification
  • Tests – show that you have gained the required knowledge
  • Workbook – questions, personal statements and self-assessments covering each of the six units
  • Workplace assessments – at least two observations by an assessor to confirm that you are able to put your knowledge into action
  • Other evidence – additional evidence that supports your work towards the qualification; this can include relevant certificates for other qualifications/courses; photographs; maps; briefing sheets; witness statements

Witness Statements

Whilst working towards your qualification, you will need to obtain witness statements for events that you work at. These can be from supervisors, managers, other event staff or spectators. They don’t need to be long winded – a sentence or two will suffice. They can contain a general comment on your work or they can refer to a specific incident or interaction.

They can just be written on a piece of paper (include your name, date, details, witness name and signature).   If you click on the image below you can download a form that you can print.  We will also have forms available on assessment days.

Click to download a Witness Statement form

Your workplace assessment

 This is a summary of what to expect on your workplace assessment.

Your assessor will 

  • observe you working
  • take photographs of you working for your portfolio
  • ask you a series of questions about your role (inc. evacuation routes, emergency procedures, nearest facilities, code words)
  • ask more general questions about spectator safety
  • give you some scenarios to test your knowledge (e.g. the rubbish bin next to you has smoke coming from it, what action would you take?)